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This property of 4 acres has been in our family for over a 100 years as part of an old cocoa farm, and copra farm (sun dried coconut to produce coconut oil).

There are many existing chocolate producing trees of which we frequently process cocoa for our family use.

We have many fruit and vegetable such as, coconut (pipas), plantain and bananas, papaya, oranges, june plum, bread Fruit, yuca, guanábana (soursop), tuna plant, sorrosi, baisel, curcuma, ginger, lime, used in our Caribbean cuisine. Also many Medicinal  plants.


The place is ideal for those who would like to relax with a garden view, with nature at your doorstep, in a small unique tropical garden where we sometimes have the visits of sloths, hummingbirds and colorful butterflies frolicking from flower to flower.

The lush vegetation of the surroundings, invites you to drink the fresh coconut water from low trees, pick star fruits, oranges etc. You will have plenty of space to walk and be in touch with nature, birds and plants.

We are located in downtown Puerto Viejo, at walking distance to everything, far enough to enjoy peace and quiet. Nearby, you will find shops, drugstores, vet shop, 2 banks, medical clinic, post office, churches and the bus stop. Also, restaurants and nightlife.

If you prefer to cook your own meals, the supermarket is around the corner. And we provide the needed cooking utensils as well as a barbecue station for grilling.


Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Known to the early settlers as Old Harbour, it is a beach town nestled between the shore and the mountain side in a safe, quiet corner  of the

Puerto Viejo village

An ideal place for those who would like to enjoy peace and quiet, a place to relax with a garden view, and nature at your, door steps. Where you can have the opportunity to occasionally greet some of our neighbors, Cherenga, sloath, wild turkey, Wood peckers.

My grandparents Nelson Douglas and Ruth Guthrie immigrated as children with their parents from Jamaica West Indies.

In late 1970´s early 19080´s my fathers was elected regidor of the Municipalidad de Talamanca, there was a need of a plot of land to build the Puerto Viejo primary School, and he donated the property where the School is now built.

The first roads were made by the Oil Mine Co. While they were drilling for oil in Deep Talamanca, The black sand was taken from Black Beach and exported to the USA to make use of its magnetic properties, in gun powder, and toys, such as Etch a Sketch a (mechanical drawing toy with a pen ) and Mr. Potato head, just to name a few.

There was an airplane landing strip up at Black Beach   Serviced by Vanolys Airplane Co. It was a two passenger propeller plane, I recall mi sister Miss Elena and I would travel to and from Port Limon to Old Harbour, for our summer vacations.

“The Old Lanchon” (The rusting structure on the shore line ) across from the Puerto Viejo cement bridge, was used as the original dock where a small blue and white yatte called Ardilla , transported the Chief Executive Oficers of the Mining Co.

The OIJ Police would also use this dock, to send large quantity of evidence from the    adjoining  regions.

Today the Lanchon batterd by nature and time is less than a third of its original size, Also it was closer to land ,connected to the main road by a bridge/road structure.

As kids our family lived at 213 St. Close to 73rd ave, at Ayonys place (on the beach)

Today it would be next to Mepes bus stop, on the beach.

That is where my family had one of the original sodita, and natural juice bar, called Don Vicente Fresco shop, dad had a contract with the Oil Minning Co. To cook for its workers, he prepared  breakfast lunch and dinner.